Frequently Asked

For students who are just starting out, it may be helpful to take our fundamentals classes first. They cover the core concepts that all the other classes build upon. They also walk you through the drawing process step-by-step on a week-to-week basis. You can also check out our page entitled The Basics to view tutorials on how to use the materials, set up your study space, and more.

To register for a class, please visit our classes page. You will be able to see all of the available classes there along with the full session schedule. Once you have decided on what classes you wish to take, you can select your level of participation in the drop-down box next to each class and add that class to your cart. Once you have added all of the desired classes to your cart, you can check out and
create your account if you do not yet have one. Once you have paid for your classes, you can view them in the Account section of our website.

Each class is five weeks long and consists of a weekly demo video, reference material and/or instructional handouts, and a critique video where Gold-level students can submit their drawings and questions for a personalized draw-over critique video by their instructor. Silver-level students will be able to access the demos/reference and critique videos, but will not have their own drawings featured in the critique. Bronze-level students will have access to the demo videos as well as the reference material and/or handouts for each week, but will not have access to the critique videos.

We welcome any and all students to our school. There are no prerequisites to any of our classes and we specialize in teaching our classes to all skill levels. We know that each student is unique, so our Gold-level classes are designed to give personalized instruction to ensure that the student gets the exact information they need to succeed.

No. Accreditation would dictate the format of the school so that students can only take each class one time. Learning a concept in art normally takes longer than one semester of college, so prohibiting a student from repeating classes as needed would interfere with their learning experience. Furthermore, the college semester format is not ideal for the timeline and learning process for drawing and art skills. We teach classes that can be taken multiple times as the student's skill level progresses. Ultimately what matters most in the professional field of art is skill. However, if a student wishes to attain a degree, we aim to progress their skills forward prior to or in conjunction with a degree program at an art college.

You should take classes that align with your personal goals as an artist as well as your current skill level. There are no prerequisites for any of our classes. If you are just starting out, you may find our fundamentals classes most useful before branching out to take our other classes such as head drawing, figure drawing, anatomy, quick sketch, etc. We specialize in teaching to all levels so if there are no fundamentals classes available in the upcoming term, you are welcome to take any class and in the critique videos we can teach to your level.

Full-time students can take 3-5 classes at a time, but it is important to keep in mind the workload for each class. You will have several hours of weekly video content to watch as well as at least 3-5 hours of drawing practice for each class. Students who are new might consider taking just 1-2 classes to start and build up from there as they get acclimated to the learning process.

We have new class sessions starting at different times throughout the year. For the most up-to-date information on class schedules, please refer to our classes page.

Yes. Payment is due at the time of registration. However, you can receive a refund in full at any time before midnight of the start-date for the class. Refunds cannot be issued once the class has begun.