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Expert instruction, in-depth drawing demonstrations, and personalized feedback to help you elevate your skills. 

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We offer 2 ways to study essential drawing skills...

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We teach brand new five-week classes every session. These classes are a great way to improve your skills with the opportunity for one-on-one instruction and expert feedback.

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Our library includes all past demos and is an invaluable resource to students who wish to learn fundamental drawing skills. Combine independent study from our library while taking current classes for a rich and impactful learning experience.


Registration for new classes is OPEN. Classes start on Tuesday 1/16.


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What our students are saying...

Brian has over 8 years of teaching experience and is able to demonstrate all of the concepts he teaches with high-level drawings. His personalized critique videos will allow you to see solutions to the most common drawing mistakes. All students get access to our Discord server where anyone can ask Brian questions and get the feedback they need to improve.

Simple solutions to complex problems. Head and figure drawing is one of the hardest areas to master in art. Brian's teaching method breaks down these complex subjects and makes them simple and easy to understand. He will teach you a clear, repeatable 3 step process that you can use in every head or figure drawing to set you up for success every time.

Flexible participation model and class schedule. Take an active 5-week class or go at your own pace with our subscription library of over 210 drawing lessons.

Affordable pricing model. We have a variety of options to suit any budget because studying art shouldn't cost a fortune. Our subscription plans start at just $10 per month!

You'll be amazed by how fast your art can improve with our methods.

Brian's teaching style is active, engaging, and highly-personalized. 

Whether you're a total beginner or an intermediate artist with a few years' experience, you'll see skill jumps in a matter of months as you put our methods into practice. This is because Brian's method will teach you to draw heads and figures accurately and avoid common mistakes by following a repeatable process that combines the best of several time-tested drawing methods. 

Brian combines aspects of the Loomis method and Reilly method, Bridgman anatomy, and some of his own drawing methods which he has developed by studying and drawing skeletal and muscular anatomy for over 10 years. Brian trained and got started as an instructor at Watt's Atelier of the Arts which is home to some of the best art instructors in the world. Foundation Art School has adapted the teaching methods of classical ateliers to an online platform accessible to all. We aim to create an engaging learning environment that meets students wherever they are in their art education and gives them the tools they need to succeed.

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Skills for success

Our mission is to help you build a solid foundation of fundamental drawing skills to transform your drawings and give you the confidence you need to succeed as an artist.

Why did we create foundation art school?

Foundation Art School is designed for beginner to intermediate art students who want to learn the fundamentals of representational art. Our classes are perfect for aspiring professional artists as well as passionate hobbyists. The fundamental skills we teach are critical for illustration, concepting, storyboarding, fine art and any professional field that is based in representational art.

How does the school work?

Our courses are five weeks long and consist of weekly demos and, for Gold-level students, a personalized critique video for each week. All students will receive the same reference that the instructor uses in the demo plus more images to work from for their weekly practice assignments.

What classes do we teach?

We teach a wide variety of classes including figure drawing, head drawing, quick sketch, anatomy, perspective, drapery, clothed figure, and more.

We are proud to share our students' success stories.

Brian really spends the time on each person to figure out exactly what they seem to be struggling with and then he’s able to visually and verbally explain the solution. On top of all of that while he’s correcting your drawings, he’s able to do trace-overs drawings that look awesome and are inspirational which is hugely important for students. 


Alex Quinn


Immediately, I was struck by the way Brian could so clearly educate through his visual language, through drawing. With Foundation Art School, Brian presents this same clarity and mastery of visual language in a structured, easy to understand way that has such practical density for the student.


Tom Ansell


Brian is excellent at giving the attention you need to progress with extensive feedback and draw overs. He makes sure you get the information he's teaching and will explain it as much as it takes. He is extremely kind, patient, and personable, so don't feel like you have to understand everything right away.  If you ever decide to take a class, you are in good hands. 


Faith Quinn


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Check out this sample demonstration video to get a better idea of what our classes are like. Full class demos are typically 1-2 hours long, but this sample will give you an idea of what to expect.

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